We Are Throne Ridge

Throne Ridge was founded with the idea that we should do better. It all began with a lack of decent TTT experiences.
After joining server after server that required downloading endless content, reading endless rules, and being killed by endless unbalanced weapons, we decided it was time for something different. Throne Ridge is that difference.

We Can Do Better

It started with a philosophy of cultivation, where other servers might add extra weapons in an attempt at balance, we've instead decided to take a critical look at what TTT already does right, and then hone and distill those elements to zenith.

Do it Again

Throne Ridge isn't about half-baked efforts and haphazard gameplay design. Each weapon, entity, and mechanic should interact with each-other. We want to make gameplay that's just as deep as it is broad. Other servers are complicit with an ocean of mediocrity with the depth of a kiddie-pool.

100% Certified Organic* Commits!

We chose only the very best code to make it into your experience. No byproducts or additives, our code farmers are dedicated to providing you with an experience you'll enjoy, for all the right reasons.

*Not actually certified, but we think we're pretty on point about it!

Any Questions?

Comment, question, or complaint about something we're responsible for? We're listening.
Think you can do something better than us? Let us know.
Need some of our special sauce? Give a holler.
Want to join us? ...You know the drill.

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