Curated TTT

Most servers throw every addon they can find into their collection, resulting in a inconsistant, directionless, and unbalanced experience. We're different.
We focus, and spend great amounts of time to strike the right balance of new features, and overhauling existing mechanics to make a gameplay experience that is fullfilling and compelling.


What do we mean by "Fulfilling" when we talk about gameplay?
It's a broad subject, but most salient is player agency. With deep systems and thought-out additions, we seek to empower players to make what are effectively long and short term tactical decisions about virtually every aspect of their gameplay.


A sense of player agency, growth, and learnable expertise create an enthralling experience.
With more and more time spent, the deeper systems and combinations of equipment and weapons can be learned, giving experienced players a swath of tactics and strategies to employ.

What have we changed?

With over 1100 tracked commits,
435 files changes,
18396 insertions,
9382 deletions,

• Teleporter can be used when moving
• Added "Disarmer" for Detectives
• Body armor rebalanced
• Added "OG Deag" Detective Equipment
• Added "Silenced Sniper" Traitor Equipment
• Combined the Radio and Decoy equipment
• Added the "Health Station Saboteur"
• Flare gun turns bodies into charples, removing pesky evidence
• Knife causes slow bleed-out
• Everybody knows you run faster with a knife!

• Rebalanced literally all the guns
• All guns now come with reserve ammo and full clip!
• Changed Deagle into Revolver
• Buffed Pistol
• Made H.U.G.E useful!
• Replaced Auto-Shotgun with Pump-Shotgun
• M16 fires faster!
• Rifle can ricochette and penetrate targets!
• Smoke grenades can put out fires
• Even more not mentioned here!