Salted Vanilla TTT

Vanilla in spirit, refined by us.


Everything you love about a vanilla TTT experience:
No skins, pointshop, lootboxes, random chance drops, or pay-to win.
Pure TTT as you remembered it.


Tasteful additions, delicate cleanup, subtle changes.
Our focus was to make the existing experience a cleaner more sensible one.
Additional polish on existing features, and many under the hood, quality of life fixes.

Server List

What have we changed?

Over 1400 tracked commits,
461 files changes,
21582 insertions,
10133 deletions,

• Teleporter can be used when moving
• Added "Disarmer" for Detectives
• Body armor rebalanced
• Added "OG Deag" Detective Equipment
• Added "Silenced Sniper" Traitor Equipment
• Combined the Radio and Decoy equipment
• Added the "Health Station Saboteur"
• Flare gun turns bodies into charples, removing pesky evidence
• Knife causes a slow bleed-out
• Everybody knows you run faster with a knife!

• Rebalanced literally all the guns
• All weapons come with reserve ammo
• Changed Deagle into Revolver
• Buffed Pistol
• Made H.U.G.E useful!
• Auto-Shotgun replaced with Pump-Shotgun
• Improved grenade physics
• Rifle can ricochette and penetrate targets!
• Smoke grenades can put out fires
• Too many changes to list here!